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Avid Marker Float
It's durable and made from a super-buoyant material so it will rise to the surface effortlessly. 
Avid Marker Float Kit
This kit contains everything you need to create an effective feature-finding arrangement.
Avid Marker Leads
Small fins and an aerodynamic body ensure the lead cast straight and true every time. 
Fox Finger Stall
The Fox casting finger stall features a soft leather finger for improved feel and can be used left or right handed.
Fox H-Marker
Maximum Visibility  Ultra Buoyant  Betalight Slots Supplied with Swivel & Speed Link for easy lead attachment
Fox Mini H-Block Markers x2
Maximum Visibility  Ultra Buoyant  Betalight Slots Supplied with Swivel & Speed Link for easy lead attachment
Gardner Bivvy Pegs Pouch
Roll-up carry pouch, with Velcro flaps and fasteners that keep the individual pegs in position, and webbing straps to secure the pouch when it has been rolled up.
Gardner Casting Gloves
Available in left and right handed.
Gardner Deluxe Weed Rake
Supplied with a large split ring and swivel for attachment to main line.
Gardner Intensive Care
It is perfect for the treatment of hook-holds, sores, lifted scales,
Gardner Original Weed Rake
Gardner‘s “Original Weed Rake” has been designed to be easily cast to clear small spots of weed and create clear channels to improve line lay to new and existing clear spot..
Gardner Phazor Head Torch
This head torch offers two levels of white light from the main beam and a perfectly balanced wide angle red light.
Korda Compac Luggage Systems
This range of EVA luggage is extremely lightweight and durable, and is made from a waterproof material with welded seams.
Korda Distance Sticks
Korda have teamed up with JAG Products to precision make these distance sticks to the highest standard.
Korda TackleSafe
It is a compact end-tackle storage system within a hard clamshell-style case, secured magnetically, and with a soft-touch, non-slip outer coating, and featuring a ruler to assist with your rig tying.
Korda Tip Safe
These are an up-to-date take on Korda’s mega-popular Phats and Phins tip and butt protectors.
Nash  Scope Black Ops Pillow
Dedicated ultra comfortable pillow to fit the Black Ops Sleep System.
£24.99 £27.99
Nash Indulgence Mattress Sheets
Keep your mattress in pristine condition.
£24.99 £27.99
Nash Indulgence Pillows
Zipped pocket for phones and remotes.
£26.99 £29.99
Nash Indulgence Summer Shrouds
A new design for hot summer nights and avoiding insects.
£49.99 £54.99
Nash Indulgence Winter Shrouds
Tailor the warmth of your sleep system with the waterproof, one season Winter Shroud.
£79.99 £87.99
Nash Medi Carp Kit
Protects any carp you catch to ensure they remain in prime condition.
Nash Scales Pouch
Keeps valuable dial and digital scales dry, clean and working reliably.
Nash Siren Snag Ears
Snag ear rod protection.
Nash The Carp Bucket
Multi purpose space saving concertina design bucket.
Ridge Monkey Advanced Boilie Crusher Full System
RidgeMonkey Advanced Boilie Crusher makes light work of making boilie crumb for spod mix, groundbait and marginal work and will chomp through a kilo of boilies in less than a minute.
Ridge Monkey Advanced Boilie Crusher Head Only
RidgeMonkey Advanced Boilie Crusher makes light work of making boilie crumb for spod mix, groundbait and marginal work and will chomp through a kilo of boilies in less than a minute.
Ridge Monkey Advanced Boilie Crusher Hopper Extension
Compatible with the RidgeMonkey advanced boilie crusher. Increases capacity to 5kg.
Ridge Monkey Bivvy Lite Duo Remote
This shares all of the features of the standard model but now boasts an infrared controller so you can control the brightness and colour from your bedchair or around your swim.
Ridge Monkey Collapsible Bucket & Towel
Designed to be folded away inside an unhooking mat ready for use in an instant.
Ridge Monkey Modular Hookbaits Pots
Hookbait storage just got organised!
Ridge Monkey Vault Dual Voltage Powerpack
Designed and built with multiple industries in mind, the RidgeMonkey Vault powerpack sets a new bar for portable power sources on the bank or in the field.
RidgeMonkey Action Station
Featuring a unique 3-way adjuster and designed to be attached to any bivvy rib, bankstick, trolley, chair leg or storm pole, the Action Station provides a whole new meaning to the word organised.
RidgeMonkey Bivvy Lite Duo Cases
Case for your RidgeMonkey Bivvy Lite Duo. Expected back in stock soon...
RidgeMonkey Heavy Duty Water Carriers
RidgeMonkey HDPE Heavy Duty Water Carriers - a simple solution to an age old problem. By screwing on the inclusive removable tap, the water flow is immediately much more controllable....
RidgeMonkey Modular Bucket
Taking the square bucket concept to a whole new level, the Modular Bucket system features a pair of independent freezer-safe bait boxes, each with their own tight fitting lids. The clever part....
RidgeMonkey Sandwich Toaster Cases
Case for the standard size Sandwich Toaster. Expected back in stock soon...
Thinking Anglers Elastic Tip Top
Two padded tip tops connected with a length of elastic which prevents you losing one or the other. They will protect your rod at both ends and holds them together.
Trakker 17L Olive Square Container
Super, airtight fit to eliminate spillages.
Trakker Air Dry Bag
Mesh Air-dry Bag designed for air-drying boilies.
Trakker Air-Dry Tower
With Trakker's Air-Dry Tower, you can dry three different sizes, shapes, or flavours of boilies in one bag, yet keep them separate, easily accessible...
Trakker Armolife Compact BBQ
Lightweight, foldable BBQ...
Trakker Aviator Polarised Sunglasses
Classic Aviator shape finished in a soft touch rubber coating...
Trakker Carbon Effect Bivvy Table
Keeps your bivvy organised...
Trakker Classic Polarized Sunglasses
Classic style finished in a soft touch rubber coating..
Trakker Collapsible Water Bowl
Multi-use Collapsible Water Bowl..
Trakker Glug Pots
Four screw-top waterproof Glug Pots...
Trakker Half-Size Glug Pots
Main-stay favourites grouped as ‘Essentials’ to assist and improve your time on the bank.
Trakker Hand Towel
A discreet olive green towel...
Trakker Heat Changing Mug
Trakkers new mug...
Trakker Neoprene Gas Canister Cover
Improves gas canister performance in cold weather...
Trakker Nitelife L4 Headtorch
The Nitelife L4 Headtorch has been designed with supreme ease-of-use in mind, combined with ultra-convenience when faced with fading light and complete darkness on the bank.
£49.99 £54.99
Trakker Nitelife L5 Headtorch
Light up even the darkest of nights on the bank with the Nitelife L5 Headtorch.
£69.99 £74.99
Trakker NXG Insulated Gas Canister Cover
High-density foam filled walls improves gas efficiency...
Trakker NXG Modular Lead Pouch - Complete
The clear, zipped lids give the added advantage of seeing what’s inside at a glance without having to open every pouch...
Trakker Pureflo Air Dry System 17L
The Pureflo ® Air-Dry System has been developed to allow the air-drying of fresh or frozen boilies...
Trakker Pureflo Bait Filter System 17L
The Pureflo® Bait Filter System 17L has been purpose-designed to store anglers’ baits which are kept in liquid, and features a revolutionary...
Trakker Quick-Dry Session Towel
Made from highly absorbant microfibre material aiding quicker drying of skin...
Trakker Safety Barrow Strap
Rugged elastic strap for securing fishing gear during transportation...
Trakker Sanctuary Net Float
The Sanctuary Net Float is a compact, easy-fit, slide-on buoyancy aid for your landing net to help prevent it from sinking during netting...
£8.99 £9.99
Trakker Sanctuary Retention Welded Stink Bag Standard
The Retention Welded Stinkbag is large enough to accommodate any landing net with arms up to 42ins in length.
£12.99 £14.99
Trakker Sanctuary Retention Welded Stink Bag XL
The Retention Welded Stinkbag XL is large enough to accommodate any landing net with arms up to 50" in length
£14.99 £16.99
Trakker Wrap-Around Polarised Sunglasses
Wrap-around style finished in a soft-touch rubber coating...