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Korda Chod Safe
If you use chod rigs, or hinged stiff rigs then you’re going to want one of these neat cases. They’re an impact-proof way to curve and store up to 28 perfect Mouth Trap hook sections, of a range of lengths.
Korda Compac Luggage Systems
This range of EVA luggage is extremely lightweight and durable, and is made from a waterproof material with welded seams.
Korda Large Rig Safe
Those of you who use longer rigs or need more storage space are going to love Korda's Large Rig-Safe!
Korda Mini Rig Safe
We’ve overhauled our rig-storage solutions and this Rig-Safe is the result. It’s robust and compact, yet it will hold up to 60 pre-tied rigs!
Korda Mini Rigsafe Combi
The Korda Mini Rigsafe also provides storage for small essential rig components, such as boilie stops, beads, swivels, shrink tube and anything else of a similar size.
Korda Pins
The single and double pins have been designed to secure hook links that haven’t been finished with a loop or swivel, allowing you to leave final adjustments to rig length until you’re in the swim.
Korda Tackle Box - PRE ORDER
It’s the perfect all-around tackle storage system!
Korda TackleSafe
It is a compact end-tackle storage system within a hard clamshell-style case, secured magnetically, and with a soft-touch, non-slip outer coating, and featuring a ruler to assist with your rig tying.
Korda Tip Safe
These are an up-to-date take on Korda’s mega-popular Phats and Phins tip and butt protectors.