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Bait Tech Growla Tiger Nuts
Each nut tastes hot, sweet and milky making a superb carp attractor either in whole or chopped form.
Nash Bug Life Juice
The PVA friendly dedicated liquid in the deadly Bug Life Groundbait, Bug Life Juice creates underwater noise to send a feeding signal to carp everywhere.
Nash Bug Life Mix
Bug Life Mix is the revolutionary new groundbait from Nashbait, allowing anyone to create hotspots alive with a carp’s natural food - on every venue and in every swim! Bring the food to you and the carp will follow.
Nash Hookable Floaters
Easy hooking and durable dedicated floater hookbaits.
Nash Instant Action Ball Maker Method Mix
Formulated to mould firmly around cage and flat Method feeders, releasing powerful soluble attractors to encourage aggressive feeding. Makes a great bag mix, mixed wet it clouds over zigs and is a brilliant spod mix additive.
Nash Slicker Floaters
Nash 11mm floating pellets in session size 1.4 kg bags with matching Hookable Floaters. Infused with the deadly Strawberry Oil or Pure Crustacean, Slicker Floaters are a brilliant edge on pressured waters, bringing more takes.
Nash Suckers
Durable and deadly, Suckers are balanced floating hookbaits that behave like well soaked free offerings and encourage more confident takes. Even the hardest carp are suckers for them.