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Gardner Baitmaster Adjusta Table
This giant sausage-rolling table has been specifically designed to roll sausages for the entire range of Rolaball Baitmasters.
Gardner Deluxe Sausage Gun
This big, metal Sausage Gun is the way to go if you intend to make larger quantities of bait or want to use baits that start off as firmer pastes.
Gardner Deluxe Sausage Gun XT
The same basic internals as the Deluxe Sausage Gun but with a different cam to provide lower gearing on the compression stroke makes the XT Gun much easier on the wrists – especially with those harder mixes.
Gardner Rolaball Baitmaster Longbase - Standard Size
These longbase tables have enabled many anglers to start rolling and experimenting their own baits.
Gardner Rolaball Baitmasters - Giant Size
The Rolaball Baitmaster offers much greater bait making capacity as the wider design simply rolls more boilies at a stroke than our longbase tables.
Gardner Sausage Gun
Entry level Sausage Gun to produce perfectly sized sausages for your Rolaball. Perfect for small scale home bait making.