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Avid Benchmark Beds
The Avid Carp Benchmark beds set a new standard in comfort for fishing bedchairs. It features our new Lumbar Region Support system, underneath a one-piece Memory Foam mattress that is over 2" thick!
Avid Terabite Bed
The Avid Carp Terabite offers a generously padded wider bedchair with a totally flat profile, perfect for the angler wanting a comfortable bed with a larger surface area.
Fox FX Flatliner Bedchair
The unique and innovative Flatliner is in many people’s opinion one of the most comfortable bedchairs ever produced.
£299.99 £319.99
Nash  Scope Black Ops Pillow
Dedicated ultra comfortable pillow to fit the Black Ops Sleep System.
£24.99 £27.99
Nash Indulgence Mattress Sheets
Keep your mattress in pristine condition.
£24.99 £27.99
Nash Indulgence MK3 & MK4 Beds
The benchmark that all beds are set to be measured against, the new Indulgence 3 and 4 bring the renowned Nash comfort and new design uprated lumbar support to fans of a traditional bed with a sleeping bag.
£255.99 £285.99
Nash Indulgence Pillows
Zipped pocket for phones and remotes.
£26.99 £29.99
Nash Indulgence SS Emperor 5 Season Bedchair
The Emperor offers the ultimate dimensions for serious sleep Indulgence, either on your own or with your partner.
£529.99 £582.99
Nash Indulgence SS2 4 Season Bedchair
Designed around a new frame and hinge configuration, an extra thick dual hollow fibre and foam filling mattress with peachskin zipped duvet and Nash body baffles accelerates warm up time and ensures absolute comfort, paramount when you need to stay sharp through long sessions or head off to work.
£299.99 £329.99
Nash Indulgence SS3 4 Season Bedchairs
A new range of sleep systems with a single layer 4 Season duvet for anglers not requiring Siberian temperature insulation but seeking ultimate compactness.
£319.99 £351.99
Nash Indulgence SS3 5 Season Bedchair
A new range of sleep systems with a single layer 4 Season duvet for anglers not requiring Siberian temperature insulation but seeking ultimate compactness.
£379.99 £417.99
Nash Indulgence SS4 5 Season Bedchair
Specifically demanded by the taller carper, the four leg SS4 and SS4 Wide 4 Season Sleep Systems offer improved comfort from longer mattresses and frames, offer greater ground clearance and increased leg adjustment to help maximise under bed storage.
£429.99 £472.99
Nash Indulgence Summer Shrouds
A new design for hot summer nights and avoiding insects.
£49.99 £54.99
Nash Indulgence Winter Shrouds
Tailor the warmth of your sleep system with the waterproof, one season Winter Shroud.
£79.99 £87.99
Nash KNX Bedchair
The proven Nash combination of strong, lay flat bedchair design with a durable padded mattress for comfortable support.
£129.99 £142.99
Nash KNX Pillow
Fits to the elastic loops on the KNX Bedchair or Sleep System for comfortable support.
Nash KNX Sleep System
Based on the KNX bedchair, with the winning design of a zip on fleece lined duvet for four season warmth.
£189.99 £208.99
Trakker Levelite Oval Bed System
The Levelite Oval Bed System offers whole new concept in bed-and-bag design. Revolutionary oval shape for optimum use of space.
£399.99 £449.99
Trakker RLX Flat-6 Bed Compact
A compact version of our award-winning* RLX Flat-6 Bed, suited to the smaller-framed angler, or those who like to keep the weight/bulk of their kit down to an absolute minimum...
£139.99 £159.99
Trakker RLX Flat-6 Bed Standard
Super-lightweight, flat beds with six legs available in three sizes. These robust beds will fold up with five-season bags and pillows due to their dual-hinge mechanism.
£159.99 £179.99
Trakker RLX Flat-6 Superlight Bed
The oval-guage construction of the RLX Flat-6 Superlite Bed has allowed us to create the lightest of beds whilst keeping the necessary strength and rigidity required for the largest of anglers...
£179.99 £199.99
Trakker RLX Twincam Bed
The RLX Twincam Bed combines the traditional properties of a cam-wheel bedchair with the added benefits of being able to be set in a totally flat position, as well as....
£129.99 £149.99