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Trakker RLX Flat-6 Bed Compact
A compact version of our award-winning* RLX Flat-6 Bed, suited to the smaller-framed angler, or those who like to keep the weight/bulk of their kit down to an absolute minimum...
£139.99 £159.99
Trakker RLX Flat-6 Bed Standard
Super-lightweight, flat beds with six legs available in three sizes. These robust beds will fold up with five-season bags and pillows due to their dual-hinge mechanism.
£159.99 £179.99
Trakker RLX Flat-6 Superlight Bed
The oval-guage construction of the RLX Flat-6 Superlite Bed has allowed us to create the lightest of beds whilst keeping the necessary strength and rigidity required for the largest of anglers...
£179.99 £199.99
Trakker RLX Twincam Bed
The RLX Twincam Bed combines the traditional properties of a cam-wheel bedchair with the added benefits of being able to be set in a totally flat position, as well as....
£129.99 £149.99