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Bite Alarms

ATT Underlit Wheel Alarm
The revolutionary ‘silent’ alarm head that set a new benchmark in quality and reliability thanks to their 100% water tight design, excellent build quality and high quality electronics.
Fox Micron  MXR+ Blue LED Bite Alarm - 2, 3 & 4 Rod Sets
MXr+ Blue LEDS Bite Alarms, available in 2, 3 & 4 rod sets.
£249.99 £269.99
Fox Micron M+ Bite Alarm
The Micron M+ is the first to benefit from a whole host of new features.
Fox Micron MR+ Bite Alarm Sets
The Mr+ features a weatherproof sealed case along with top quality digital circuitry. It also features Fox’s unique D-Tec Sensing System, and CNC Machined ‘Tru Run’ roller wheel, which is found on the company’s top-end N-series of alarms.
£149.99 £159.99
Fox Micron MX+ Bite Alarm
Exhibiting the classic Micron styling the new MX+ has a cone speaker for sharp, crisp sound, a raised 5mm blue front LED and front rotational knobs to allow quick and easy adjustment of tone and volume and rubber ear inlays to prevent rod slippage.
Fox Micron MXR+ 3 Rod Bite Alarm Set
MXr+ alarms also feature the built-in I-Com Transmitter Technology that makes them compatible with the MXr+ Receiver.
£319.99 £349.99
Fox Micron MXR+ 4 Rod Bite Alarm Set
The MXr+ alarms share many features in common with the Mr+ such as weatherproof sealed case, top quality digital circuitry, low battery drain, D-Tec Sensing System, CNC machined ‘Tru Run’ roller wheel, adjustable volume and a power out socket but in addition you will also find adjustable Tone and a Dual Step Sensitivity control, allowing you to make the alarm more or less sensitive depending on the situation you are faced with.
£399.99 £429.99
Fox Micron NTX Receiver
We believe the NTX Receiver is packed full of more features than any other Receiver to offer unrivalled performance and reliability!
£219.99 £239.99
Fox Micron NTX-R Bite Alarm Sets
The NTXr Presentation sets are available in 3 and 4 rod options and provide everything you need for a complete 'top of the range' set-up.
£659.99 £709.99
Fox Micron NTX-R Bite Alarms
Compatible with the NTX Receiver, the award-winning Micron NTXr alarm is the cream of the crop when it comes to bite indication and offers totally unrivalled performance.
£219.99 £239.99
Nash Siren R3 Bite Alarm
When a Siren R3 sounds, take notice like never before. The R3 Intelligent Sensing microchip technology eliminates false indications, giving you the ultimate insight into what is happening in your swim. Step into the future.
£94.99 £104.99
Nash Siren R3 Receiver
The R3 Receiver brings clinical reproduction of the R3’s Intelligent Sensing direct to your pocket or brolly, whatever the conditions or the nature of the swim.
£114.99 £126.99
Nash Siren S5 Bite Alarm
Siren style and performance in miniature. Now available in Blue, White, Purple and Red!
Nash Siren S5R Bite Alarms
The award winning compact Nash Siren S5 goes wireless with the launch of the S5R remote series.
£49.99 £59.99
Nash Siren S5R Receiver
Dedicated extreme range remote performance for up to four Siren S5R alarms.
£49.99 £54.99
V2 ATTx Deluxe Receiver
When combined with the ATTs heads or ATTx transmitter systems The ATTx Deluxe Receiver sets a new benchmark for wireless bite alarm receiver systems.
V2 ATTx Receiver
Soft Touch, non-reflective, rubberised finish, 5 independent channels.
V2 Extra Transmitter
These V2 transmitters are fully compatible with the V2ATTx System/Receiver and the Deluxe Receiver.