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Boilies - Shelf Life

Dynamite Baits Monster Tiger Nut Boilies Shelflife
A truly addictive bait that is pure confidence in a bag.
Dynamite Baits Robin Red Boilies Shelflife
A highly digestible, LT fishmeal based boilie, blended with Haith’s® Birdfood and Robin Red® for a rich and spicy taste profile.
Dynamite Baits Spicy Shrimp & Prawn Boilies 15mm
One of many angler’s all-time favourites.
Dynamite Baits The Crave Boilies Shelf Life
The comprehensive year round food source with instant attraction.
Dynamite Baits The Source Boilies
The Source boilie range has been helping anglers to land fish since it was first developed over a decade ago.
SonuBaits Method Boilies
Hand rolled baits so the quality is second to none.
Sticky Baits Krill Boilies Shelf Life
Not only does the inclusion of Krill add to the nutritional profile of the bait, it is also highly regarded in the aquaculture industry as one of the greatest natural “flavours” and stimulates fish into a feeding frenzy.
Sticky Baits Krill Clusters
It’s safe to say that The Krill range has cemented itself as one of the very best of all time and has racked up countless amounts of captures since it’s creation in 2012, and without sounding too silly, we attribute the great success story to a tiny aquatic-being – the humble krill.
This all-year-round range utilises a peanut protein exclusively available to us and never before used within the bait industry...
Sticky Baits Vor-Tex Shelf Life Boilies
This all-season bait range uses a true-classic flavour combination in the shape of fenugreek & pure maple extract. We believe that this 100%-natural attractor package combined with a nutritionally perfect basemix is what makes the Vor-Tex+ so unique as both an instant and long-term bait range.