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RidgeMonkey Connect Combi Set
The Connect Combi Set can be split into two frying pans: one side has four sections to keep your food separated...
RidgeMonkey Connect Combi Set Steamer Tray
The Steamer Tray opens up a realm of super-healthy alternative possibilities.
RidgeMonkey Connect Compact Sandwich Toaster
The best just got even better!!
RidgeMonkey Quad Connect Stove
The high powered Quad Connect Stove delivers amazing performance, stability and versatility in a flexible all round package..
RidgeMonkey Square Kettles
Unique cubed design.
Trakker Armolife CG-3 Stove
Wide frame and low centre of gravity for increased stability of cookware...
Trakker Armolife Compact BBQ
Lightweight, foldable BBQ...
Trakker Armolife Jumbo Power Kettle
Ideal for big brewing rounds!
Trakker Armolife Kettle
Lightweight, easy to clean kettle...
Trakker Armolife Mercury Stove
For those who prefer their stove to screw directly onto the gas canister. Although compact and lightweight, it’s still extremely stable with its extending four-way pan supports able to accommodate a wide range of base sizes.
Trakker Armolife Rotary Stove
Featuring the classic rotational legs to alternate the stove from pack-down to cooking position. The Rotary Stove is a quick to use, tried and tested design that’s stood the test of time.
Trakker Armolife Tri-Lite Stove
For a three-leg stove, The Tri-Lite is incredibly lightweight but doesn’t compromise on stability or power. Ideal for someone wanting minimise the weight and bulk of their kit whist still demanding performance.
Trakker Armolife Two Piece Cookware Set
Set includes a frying pan and saucepan with lid...
Trakker Armolife Windshield
Lightweight folding Windshield..
Trakker Complete Cookware Set
Set includes a frying pan, saucepan with lid and kettle...
Trakker Cookset Handle
Can be used in conjunction with any Trakker marble cookset pans
Trakker Heat Changing Mug
Trakkers new mug...
Trakker Marble Cookset Compact
Bankside cooking with a difference!
Trakker Marble Cookset Large
Cooking in style!
Trakker Marble Cookset Medium
With three different options in the range, the Armolife Marble Cookware sets have been developed to be extremely hard-wearing and are manufactured from a durable, two-layer marbled coating that brings professional grade, non-stick qualities to the bankside.
Trakker Non Stick Frying Pan
Lightweight, aluminium Frying Pan...
Trakker NXG Brew Kit
Complete bankside hot drink kit.
Trakker NXG Compact Food Set
A concise and compact food set...
Trakker NXG Cookware Bag
Keep your cookware items organised and tidy with the NXG Cookware Bag.
Trakker Three Piece Cookware Set
Pan-set with two saucepans with lids and frying pan...