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Cradles & Unhooking Mats

Nash Air Cradles
A new take on safer carp handling from the original innovator Kevin Nash, Air Cradles advance carp care at a stroke, improving protection, practicality and reducing bulk – they are a winning design in every way.
£119.99 £131.99
Nash Black Ops Flat Mat & Flat Mat Compact
Ultimate carp care designed for the Black Ops luggage system.
£84.99 £93.99
Nash Carp Cradle Deluxe Cradle
The Deluxe version of the innovative Nash Cradles with added features to combine ultimate carp safety and go anywhere practicality.
£99.99 £109.99
Nash Carp Cradle MK3
From the original innovators of the cradle system the latest generation Mark 3 Carp Cradles take protection of prized big carp to the next level. Two sizes cater for every carp you could catch in the world – and guarantee their safety.
£79.99 £87.99
Nash Dwarf Multi Mat
Dense padding and a full zip closure ensures carp are protected, carried and returned safely.
£39.99 £43.99
Nash High Protection Beanie Mat
Combination foam and beanie padding for maximum protection.
£69.99 £76.99
Nash KNX 5 Fold Unhooking Mat
Brilliant concertina design unhooking mat.
Nash KNX Beanie Mat
No nonsense carp protection, doubles to carry kit.
£34.99 £38.99
Nash Scope Black Ops Retainer System
Converts your landing net to a retainer sling - instantly!
Nash Scope Black Ops Weigh Sling
Super compact sling.
Trakker Sanctuary Oval Crib
Have total peace of mind when handling and transporting big carp with the Sanctuary Oval Crib. High-sided walls and a retaining flap keep the fish inside whilst the easy-clean fish-friendly lining provides minimum discomfort to the carp.
£89.99 £99.99
Trakker Sanctuary Padded Protekta Mat
The Sanctuary Protekta Mat features high-density foam for ultimate protection.
£69.99 £79.99