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Fish Care

Gardner Intensive Care
It is perfect for the treatment of hook-holds, sores, lifted scales,
Korda Carp Care All-In-One Liquid
Our new All-in-One Carp Care liquid was developed in the Koi industry and offers a complete one stop shop for fish protection.
Nash Carp Sacks
The safest carp sack on the market. Exclusively supplied to Redmire Pool.
Nash Dwarf Multi Mat
Dense padding and a full zip closure ensures carp are protected, carried and returned safely.
£39.99 £43.99
Nash KNX 5 Fold Unhooking Mat
Brilliant concertina design unhooking mat.
Nash KNX Beanie Mat
No nonsense carp protection, doubles to carry kit.
£34.99 £38.99
Nash Medi Carp Kit
Protects any carp you catch to ensure they remain in prime condition.
Nash Scales Pouch
Keeps valuable dial and digital scales dry, clean and working reliably.
Nash Scope Black Ops Flat Mat & Flat Mat Compact
Ultimate carp care designed for the Black Ops luggage system.
£84.99 £93.99
Nash Scope Black Ops Retainer System
Converts your landing net to a retainer sling - instantly!