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Groundbait & Method Mix

Bait Tech Big Carp Method Mix Krill & Tuna 2kg
The superior fishmeals with added krill and tuna create a very complex but highly attractive feed stimulating mix.
Bait Tech Big Carp Method Mix Poloni 2kg
These pungent natural aromas draw fish into your swim  and keep them coming back for more.
Bait Tech Big Carp Method Mix Sweet Coconut 2kg
This mix will not only attract big fish but keep them feeding as they graze to find the crushed hemp, milled tiger nuts and other key particles in this rich amino packed bait.
Bait Tech Big Carp Method Mix Tiger & Peanut 2kg
Big Carp Method Mix – a dynamic, easy to mix groundbait.
Bait Tech Envy & Envy Green Groundbait 2kg
Ground halibut pellets and ground hempseed.
Bait Tech Karma Groundbait
Many, many anglers know the power of this unusual, fine-ground groundbait which has the pedigree of successfully catching carp, bream and tench.
Bait Tech Mojo Groundbait 1kg
Mojo is still the most respected big fish stick mix, method mix and spod mix available.
Bait Tech N-Tice Meaty Mix
The one everybody is talking about! A very unique fine blend of pure meat proteins, added meat meal and a few other secret ingredients.
Bait Tech Special 'G' Green & Gold
Still the most popular fishmeal based groundbait available and the reason is simple: GPS90 – and these two have it in abundance.