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Nash Fang X
Versatile for almost any presentation.
Nash Pinpoint Brute Hooks
Unrivalled strength for the most demanding fishing – the new Pinpoint Brute is the strongest Nash hook pattern yet.
Nash Pinpoint Chod Twister
Updated patterns and advanced manufacture.
Nash Pinpoint Claw
Enlarged eye for use with heavy hooklinks.
Nash Pinpoint Fang Gyro
Proven Fang X design with integral micro ring swivel for ultimate hook rotation.
Nash Pinpoint Flota Claw
Perfect for floaters, zig fishing and natural baits.
Nash Pinpoint Precision Sharpening Kit
All the hardware you need for razor sharp points at all times.
Nash Pinpoint Twister Longshank
Designed for ultimate blow out rig efficiency.
Nash Twister
Down turned eye for aggressive hooking mechanics​​​​​​​...