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Atomic Chodda Hooks
The Atomic Tackle Chodda is the strongest, sharpest, toughest hook of its kind, and that out-turned eye and extended point mean perfect presentation and rock-solid hook holds - every time.
Atomic Grabba Hooks
With the Grabba in your armoury, the only thing that will bend - is your rod!
Gardner Covert Chod Hook
The ultimate chod rig and stiff link hook.
Gardner Covert Dark Longshank Mugga
The new Covert Dark version of the Longshank Mugga incorporates several significant specification adjustments, improvements that have been rolled out on all the Gardner Covert Dark hook patterns.
Gardner Covert Dark Mugga Hook
The latest Covert Dark Mugga hooks have been given a facelift with several key improvements that make them even better!
Korda Choddy Hook
This hook was designed primarily for use with the popular chod and hinged stiff rig presentations, alongside a stiff filament like Mouth Trap. However, its appeal doesn't end there, it's a super all-round pop-up hook, which can be used with rigs like Darrell Peck's N-Trap pop-up rig, as well as Tom Dove's N-Trap bottom-bait rig.
Korda Kaptor Choddy Hooks
Chod-rig fans rejoice, because you can now have the finest chod-rig hook ever made, in two subtle camou colours. That’s right, our popular Choddy hook is now part of the groundbreaking Kaptor range. We knew that it was only a matter of time before public demand for a Kaptor Choddy reached such a height that we’d have to respond and put them into production, and here they are.
Korda Kaptor Kurv Shank Hook
These hooks represent the biggest breakthrough in hook manufacture… ever. We took our critically acclaimed Kurv Shank pattern and coated them with the industry’s first coloured PTFE finish to make them blend in even better. The ultra-sharp Kaptor point has been left uncoated, because the development team had noticed that uncoated points were sharper.
Korda Kaptor Wide Gape Hooks
These hooks represent the biggest breakthrough in hook manufacture… ever. We took one of the truly iconic hook patterns and coated it with the industry’s first coloured PTFE finish to make them blend in even better.
Korda Kontinental Hooks
These hooks are true beasts! The short shank, strongly forged bend, slight offset and heavy wire gauge leave you in doubt as to their fish-stopping credentials. They’ve been produced to take the securest hook holds and subdue the very biggest fish in challenging situations in the UK or abroad. They are particularly useful for fishing in snaggy situations, where that little bit of extra strength is vital.
Korda Krank Choddy Hooks
Not long after the Krank hook was conceived, Tom Dove hatched a plan to introduce a chod version, with an out-turned eye. His imagination was captured by the way that the continuously curving shank could mirror the curve of the chod rig, creating what many of us consider to be the ultimate chod hook...
Korda Krank Hooks
This pattern is the brainchild of Tom Dove, who was looking to design a pattern of hook that had the aggressive sweeping shank of the Kurv Shank, with an enormous gape for maximum purchase and hooking potential. Throw in an offset point too and you have the Krank, a hook that's such a good hooker it's best used with a simple knotless knot setup!
Korda Kurv Shank Hooks
The Kurv Shank is a fantastically versatile hook. It's agressive hooking properties make it ideal for pop-up presentations and bottom-bait rigs too. It features in some of the most devastating rigs that we know, including Danny's trademark IQ D-Rig and Ali Hamidi & Gaz Fareham's pop-up combi rig
Korda Kurv Shank XX Hooks
The Kurv Shank XX is two wire gauges thicker than the standard Kurv Shank hook. It has been designed, developed and tested for use in the most demanding of fishing situations in the world, while still retaining an ultra-sharp point and micro barb
Korda Longshank X Hooks
Based on the dimensions of the legendary fly hooks, like the B175, that found favour in the emerging big-carp scene, the Longshank X is perfect for tackling ultra-riggy fish on pressured waters. The 20-degree in-turned eye helps it to flip over and catch hold faster than any other hook and the long, straight point ensures good hook holds, time and again
Korda Mixa Hooks
The first dedicated floater fishing hook. These have been designed to hook even the shyest feeding carp on the surface. With a short shank, super-wide gape, beaked, offset point, they truly are made for the job
Korda Wide Gape Hooks
The Wide Gape hook has become a true design classic and has accounted for more big carp than any other pattern. It was based on the cult Maruta Kinryu pattern that found favour with the likes of Terry Hearn in the 1990s.
Korda Wide Gape X Hooks
The Wide Gape X is a beefed-up version of the Wide Gape, designed for use in the most extreme fishing situations on the Planet. It's been road-tested on infamously snaggy waters, like Rainbow Lake, and has even been used to land monster species like Arapaima and Mekong Catfish.
Korda Wide Gape XX Hooks
The Wide Gape XX is two wire gauges higher than the standard Wide Gape and has been designed, developed and tested for use in the most demanding of fishing situations in the world!
Nash Fang X
Versatile for almost any presentation.
Nash Pinpoint Brute Hooks
Unrivalled strength for the most demanding fishing – the new Pinpoint Brute is the strongest Nash hook pattern yet.
Nash Pinpoint Chod Twister
Updated patterns and advanced manufacture.
Nash Pinpoint Claw
Enlarged eye for use with heavy hooklinks.
Nash Pinpoint Fang Gyro
Proven Fang X design with integral micro ring swivel for ultimate hook rotation.
Nash Pinpoint Flota Claw
Perfect for floaters, zig fishing and natural baits.
Nash Pinpoint Precision Sharpening Kit
All the hardware you need for razor sharp points at all times.
Nash Pinpoint Twister Longshank
Designed for ultimate blow out rig efficiency.
Nash Twister
Down turned eye for aggressive hooking mechanics​​​​​​​...