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Guru LWG Feeder Hooks
Developed for tackling big lakes, reservoirs, rivers and canals in the UK and Europe, it’s the perfect pattern for bream, skimmers, hybrids, chub, perch, tench, smaller carp and similar species.
Guru LWG Hooks
They’re a super all-round hook that is perfect for use with pellets, maggots and sweetcorn on a range of waters.
Guru MWG Hooks
This is an awesome, strong all-round pattern that’s suitable for most styles of angling, right from waggler fishing, through to heavy pole work and specialist feeder fishing.
Guru Pellet Waggler Hooks
The Pellet Waggler hook has been designed with float hair rigging in mind. As the name suggests, it’s particularly suited to use with the pellet waggler, which is so effective on commercial carp waters
Guru QM1 Hooks
Guru teamed up with mercurial commercial matchman Steve Ringer to design the perfect hook for hair rigging baits on bolt presentations.
Guru X-Strong Carp Spade
The X-Strong Spade pattern has been designed for hit-and-hold margin fishing on the pole