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Avid Bobbins
Next level bobbins!
Fox Black Label Ball Clip
The collar on this more traditional style of clip can be adjusted allowing you to set the tension you prefer. 
Fox Black Label Conversion Kit
To convert the Black Label Buzz Bars into a goal post set-up. Kit includes four threads, two profiled washers and an Allen key.
Fox Black Label Fat Head Converters
This handy product can be used to make the standard slim head on your indicator bigger and heavier.
Fox Black Label Fat Weights 15g
Supplied in packets of two these Fat Weights weigh 15g each and are designed for you to add to your Fat Head Converter heads should you want to make a very heavy indicator head.
Fox Black Label Hockey Stick
The Hockey Stick will work will the Springer Arm, Swinger Arm, Dacron Cord, Ball Chain and Link Chain.
Fox Black Label Leather Washers
These handy washers give good purchase when tightening bite alarms/back rests to your banksticks/buzz bars.
Fox Black Label Micro Heads
They are perfect for those anglers that want to create a very light bobbin for slack line fishing and that appreciate the minimal look.
Fox Black Label Slik Bobbin Clips
The Slik Clip is available separately should you wish to build your own indicator from the CIS range or if you already own a standard Black Label bobbin and want to convert it to a Slik version.
Fox Black Label Slik Bobbins
This interesting new design features the much-talked about Slik Clip, which is a dual purpose clip with a massive advantage over similar styles of bobbin.
Fox Black Label Slim Weights 5g
Supplied two in a packet these 5g weights are designed for you to increase the weight of your slim heads that come supplied with the Bobbin and Slik Bobbin.
Korda Black & White Bobbins
The Black & Whites are a bobbin that we believe offers the ultimate in performance and functionality, alongside classic style and versatility. They perform as well as they look, and they look great!
Korda Complete Stow Indicators
These are ready-to-go indicator systems that are available in all eight colours. You get a head with weight, magnetic hockey stick and TWO chains.
Korda Indicator Isotopes
These high-power isotopes fit the Stow Indicator System heads perfectly.
Korda Indicator Magnetic Adaptor
These little magnetic gizmos allow you to use other types of indicator with the Stow system.
Korda Indicator Spare Chains
These are ultra-cult! For the understated look you can buy black chains for your Stows
Korda Indicator Spare Stow Heads
Long-time Elstow user Damian Clarke has made the production of these heads an absolute labour of love and it shows! Truly things of beauty.
Korda Indicator Spare Weights
Damian Clarke designed these super-slick additional weights for fishing at long range, or with tight lines.
Korda Magnetic Hockey Stick
What a neat, user-friendly idea this is. Instead of having to unscrew your bobbins at the end of your session, these magnetic gadgets allow you to simply pop the indicators off in an instant.
Korda Mini Isotope for Korda Distance Sticks
At the top of each Korda distance stick there is a small cavity which will accept this mini isotope enabling you to wrap up even at night!
Korda Stow / Snag Bar
Stow Bars are the ultimate snag-fishing accessory. They are rod-retaining bars that allow you to fish locked-up, with the clutch screwed down tight, without the worry that you might lose a rod on a vicious take
Korda Stowaway Case
The ultimate in protection for your Stow indicators. These magnetic protective cases have been custom designed to hold your indicators securely.
Nash Anchor Bracket
Neat, low profile Slap Head attachment.
Nash Drag Weights
Tune Slap Head indication to all conditions.
Nash Isotopes
The smartest visual indication for Slap Heads after dark.
Nash Linx Chains
Extra strong chain connections for Slap Heads.
Nash Magnetic Anchor Bracket
Connect and remove Slap Heads in seconds.
Nash Optics Bracket
Low profile connection for any of the Optics Slacker Cords or Chainlinks.
Nash Optics Chainlinks
Chainlink offers a heavier duty non-twist connection to customise your Optics indication system.
Nash Optics Drag Weights
Instantly adjust the weight of your Optics system to suit changing conditions and maintain the most effective indication possible.
Nash Optics Head & Optics Mega Head
Styled to complement the distinctive Siren series alarms the Optics indicator heads feature a dual line retention system for maximum sensitivity.
Nash Optics Isotope
Drop in high power isotopes to match Optics heads.
Nash Optics Kits
Two Optics Kits for the sharpest possible indication.
Nash Optics Light Pipe Kit
Use fibre optic technology to illuminate Optics heads with a wicked pulsing glow direct from Siren R3 alarms.
Nash Optics Magnetics Anchor Bracket
Add or remove your Optics indicators in seconds with this quick release magnetic bracket.
Nash Optics Slacker Cords
Lightweight Slacker Cords are the perfect choice for ultra sensitive slack line work.
Nash Siren Slap Heads
The iconic Nash Slap Head indicators are back. Slicker, smarter, and more sensitive than ever.
Nash Strong Arms
Black anodised stainless arms for Slap Heads.
Nash The Wasp Indicator Protective Case
Rectangular padded, high protect zip top pouch to store up to four WASP indicators.