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Korda Black & White Bobbins
The Black & Whites are a bobbin that we believe offers the ultimate in performance and functionality, alongside classic style and versatility. They perform as well as they look, and they look great!
Korda Complete Stow Indicators
These are ready-to-go indicator systems that are available in all eight colours. You get a head with weight, magnetic hockey stick and TWO chains.
Korda Indicator Isotopes
These high-power isotopes fit the Stow Indicator System heads perfectly.
Korda Indicator Magnetic Adaptor
These little magnetic gizmos allow you to use other types of indicator with the Stow system.
Korda Indicator Spare Chains
These are ultra-cult! For the understated look you can buy black chains for your Stows
Korda Indicator Spare Stow Heads
Long-time Elstow user Damian Clarke has made the production of these heads an absolute labour of love and it shows! Truly things of beauty.
Korda Indicator Spare Weights
Damian Clarke designed these super-slick additional weights for fishing at long range, or with tight lines.
Korda Magnetic Hockey Stick
What a neat, user-friendly idea this is. Instead of having to unscrew your bobbins at the end of your session, these magnetic gadgets allow you to simply pop the indicators off in an instant.
Korda Mini Isotope for Korda Distance Sticks
At the top of each Korda distance stick there is a small cavity which will accept this mini isotope enabling you to wrap up even at night!
Korda Stow / Snag Bar
Stow Bars are the ultimate snag-fishing accessory. They are rod-retaining bars that allow you to fish locked-up, with the clutch screwed down tight, without the worry that you might lose a rod on a vicious take
Korda Stowaway Case
The ultimate in protection for your Stow indicators. These magnetic protective cases have been custom designed to hold your indicators securely.