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Landing Nets

Trakker CR-42 Landing Net 42"
Lightweight and balanced landing net.
£54.99 £59.99
Trakker EQ One-Piece Carbon Landing Net 42"
Carbon-handled landing net.
£89.99 £109.99
Trakker EQ Two-Piece Carbon Landing Net 42"
The design of the EQ Two-Piece Landing Net is ideal for anglers who like to keep their gear compact, either for ease of mobility when stalking, or for storage purposes...
£89.99 £109.99
Trakker Hydro 2 Piece 42" Landing Net
A 6ft two-piece high-modulus carbon pole features a super-smooth push-fit joint in the middle, allowing the handle to be broken-down into two 3ft sections.
£219.99 £239.99
Trakker Hydro 42" Landing Net
Featuring a free-flow net and high-grade carbon pole technology, the Hydro Landing Net offers a high-grade option within the Trakker net range.
£219.99 £239.99
Trakker Hydro Landing Net Extension Handle
The Hydro Landing Net Extension Handle allows an additional 3ft to be added to the handle length of either the Hydro 42" Landing Net or Hydro Two-Piece Landing Net, creating a 9ft handle which is perfect when using extra-long hook links or when netting fish over marginal weed.
£59.99 £69.99
Trakker Sanctuary Net Float
The Sanctuary Net Float is a compact, easy-fit, slide-on buoyancy aid for your landing net to help prevent it from sinking during netting...
£8.99 £9.99
Trakker Spare Landing Net Mesh 42"
Spare net mesh designed for use with 42” landing net arms.
£14.99 £16.99