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Lead Systems

Korda Anti Tangle Sleeve
These little gems were designed to prevent tangles on the cast, and help to kick your hook bait away from the lead once the rig lands on the lake bed, giving excellent presentation
Korda Big Eye Swivel
These swivels have one very large round eye and one normal size one and, as with all our swivels, they come from the best Japanese manufacturers and have our trademark 'anti glint' dull-grey finish. They have three major uses...
Korda COG System
In physical form. COG stands for Centre of Gravity, which is a reference to the unique way that the hook link is attached to the heaviest part of the lead, giving instant, unparalleled hooking. Put simply, this system has been designed to convert more pick-ups into fish on the bank.
Korda Hybrid Lead Clip
Since its release, the Hybrid Lead Clip has established itself as the best clip on the market. It has one very simple purpose, and that's to help you ditch the lead if the fish you hook becomes snagged.
Korda Kwik Links
These clever bits of metalware allow you to change hook links or leads in the blink of an eye.
Korda Lead Clip Action Pack
A pack that has all the components to help you construct safe lead clip systems.
Korda Quick Release Lead Clips
These new lead clips have been designed to smoothly eject the lead in snaggy or weedy conditions.
Korda Rig Tube
Not only does rig tubing stop the hook link from wrapping around the main line on the cast preventing a tangle, it also stops the fish coming in contact with the line during the fight. This is a vital safety aspect of the rig which we feel should not be ignored.
Korda Running Rig Kit
Korda Hybrid Running Rigs are a crossbreed of the best parts of modern running rigs. The large eye of the special swivel creates very little friction, greatly enhancing bite indication. The small lead link and silicone sleeve combine to form a very neat, tangle-proof system. 
Korda Shockleader Sleeves
Like all our products, the Shockleader Sleeve puts fish safety as top priority. We designed this sleeve to replace the hard plastic lead insert and make your inline rig as anti-tangle and fish friendly as possible when using shockleaders.
Korda Shok Bead
Korda's Shok Bead has been designed for a multitude of uses.
Korda Size 8 Swivel
The humble swivel completes the whole rig set up and since it is almost the last connection between you and the carp it needs to be reliable. These swivels we come from Japan - arguably the best swivel manufacturers in the world.
Korda Tapered Silicone Sleeves
These silicone sleeves feature a sharp taper at one end, which helps to smooth the setup and prevent tangles. They are available in muted weedy green and muddy brown colours to help blend with the lake bed seamlessly.