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Korda Arma-Kord
Arma-Kord is an incredibly abrasion resistant braided line, which is also supple and relatively thin for its breaking strain. It has been designed as a high-performance snag or shock leader for extreme snag fishing or long-range work.
Korda Arma-Kord Sinking Leader
Put simply, this is the sinking version of our all-conquering Arma-kord leader material. Arma-kord has rightly developed a great reputation for reliability and the addition of this sinking version will simply cement its place at the very top of the tree. Reach for this on demanding waters where snags make a solid snag leader essential
Korda Arma-Kord XT
This is the big daddy of the Arma-kord family. It has an increased diameter to improve abrasion resistance and can be relied upon in the very snaggiest conditions.
Korda Dura-Kord Braided Leader
DuraKord is a spliceable braided leader material that has been designed for use in the most demanding swims in the World! It'll be most at home on lakes with fearsome snags, like the infamous Rainbow Lake in France. It is made from a Dyneema/polyester blend that absorbs water to sink extremely well.
Korda Kable Leadcore
Our Gravel Kable has been designed for use over the harder, clay, sand and gravel spots that are found on many of our venues. Rather than simply producing a 'me-too' product, the product development team decided to try a unique, banded camo pattern.
Korda Kable Leadcore XT
This is the leadcore to reach for in extreme territory. Not only does it have a much-increased breaking strain (70lb), but it also has a much heavier lead core.
Korda Ready Tied Leadcore Leaders
Based around our Kable Leadcore and No-Trace system, these ready-tied leaders are constructed to exacting standards. They’re literally as good as we can tie ourselves, so you can rest assured that they won’t let you down.
Korda Safezone Leaders
How do we know the new Safezone leaders really do blend in? Because we actually took samples of the different types of lake bed and sent them to the manufacturers so they could colour match to some actual silk weed, gravel, silt and clay. To you and I the colours may not look right but simply drop them in on the type of lake bed we say they are suited to and watch them disappear. After significant public demand, we have even added a clear colour to compliment the range.
Korda Snag Leader XT
This is an out-and-out snag leader monofilament, that you should reach for when targeting big fish in super-snaggy environments. If braided leaders are banned, then Snag Leader XT comes into its own.
Nash Cling on Leader
Super supple, ultra heavy, totally concealed. Cling-On is the leader material of the future.
Nash Cling on Leader-Ready Spliced
Ready spliced Cling-On Leaders for instant and unbeatable end tackle concealment. Cling-On is the carp world’s number one leadless leader, now in the most convenient format yet.
Nash D-Cam Leader
Whatever the presentation and whatever the venue these leaders offer superior concealment and the ultimate rig components.
Nash Lead Clip Leaders
Whatever the presentation and whatever the venue these leaders offer superior concealment and the ultimate rig components.
Thinking Anglers Leadcore
35lb leadcore is available in two colours green and brown to suit gravel or weedy areas. Our leadcore has a thinner lead wire making it much more supple and better to lay over the contours of the lakebed...