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Gardner Phazor Head Torch
This head torch offers two levels of white light from the main beam and a perfectly balanced wide angle red light.
Ridge Monkey VRH300 Rechargeable Head Torch
The VHR300 is not only durable - it is also water and dust resistant.
RidgeMonkey Bivvy Lite Elite IR
The Bivvy Lite Elite IR sports a compact, lightweight design with magnetic fittings and backing plate...
RidgeMonkey Bivvy Lite Pro IR
Three colours – white, red and green..
RidgeMonkey VRH150 USB Rechargeable Head Torch
Make dead batteries a thing of the past with the VRH150 USB Rechargeable Head Torch!
Trakker Nitelife L4 Headtorch
The Nitelife L4 Headtorch has been designed with supreme ease-of-use in mind, combined with ultra-convenience when faced with fading light and complete darkness on the bank.
£49.99 £54.99
Trakker Nitelife L5 Headtorch
Light up even the darkest of nights on the bank with the Nitelife L5 Headtorch.
£69.99 £74.99