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Trakker NXG 2 Rod Buzzer Bar Bag
Protective Buzzer Bar and alarm bag...
Trakker NXG 3 Rod Buzzer Bar Bag
Protective 3 Rod Buzzer Bar and alarm bag.
Trakker NXG 3 Rod Quiver
Holds 3 rods plus a brolly/slimline bivvy.
Trakker NXG 3/4 Rod Sleeve
Side zip 3/4 length Rod Sleeve. Accommodates 12ft or 13ft rods.
Trakker NXG 45L Rucksack
Balanced design for optimum comfort.
Trakker NXG 5 Rod Quiver
Holds 5 rods plus a brolly/slimline bivvy.
Trakker NXG 50L Rucksack
Five external padded pockets with twin-direction zips...
Trakker NXG 90L Rucksack
Fully adjustable rucksack shoulder and waist harness.
Trakker NXG Bait Bag
Ideal for hookbaits and glugs.
Trakker NXG Bait Bucket Bag Round
Houses 10ltr round bucket...
Trakker NXG Bait Bucket Bags
Houses 13ltr square buckets.
Trakker NXG Bait Caddy
Zipped top designed to flip away from body allowing easy access to bait...
Trakker NXG Barrow Cover
Barrow cover that will provide full protection whilst in transit, including rods...
Trakker NXG Barrow Pannier
Purpose-built pannier, designed to increase barrow space and storage capacity.
Trakker NXG Bedchair Storage Pouch
Storage system for any bedchair system.
Trakker NXG Bitz Pouch Large
Keep larger terminal tackle items and accessories neatly organised.
Trakker NXG Bitz Pouch Medium
Medium-sized storage pouch with a clear PVC lid and sides.
Trakker NXG Bitz Pouch Small
The smallest Bitz Pouch...
Trakker NXG Bivvy Bag
Accommodates one-man and two-man Armo/SLX bivvy models.
Trakker NXG Boilie Air Caddy
Combines an air-dry bag and bait caddy into one product.
Trakker NXG Brew Kit
Complete bankside hot drink kit.
Trakker NXG Camera Bag
A camera bag to accommodate an SLR camera and accessories.
Trakker NXG Carryall
Generously-sized Carryall...
Trakker NXG Chilla Bag Large
As a rough guide to the capacity of the Large Chilla Bag, it will comfortably accommodate approx. 15 kilos of boilies.
Trakker NXG Chilla Bag Standard
Whether it be tomorrow’s breakfast or frozen boilies for your session, the NXG Chilla Bag is perfect for the job.
Trakker NXG Compact  Rod Sleeve 5 Rod 12ft
Compact space-saving holdalls for  5-rods.
Trakker NXG Compact Barrow Bag
Flat-bottomed Barrow Bag. Firm lid can be used as a bivvy table.
Trakker NXG Compact Carryall
Compact Carryall suitable for tackle storage and transport.
Trakker NXG Compact Rod Sleeve 2 Rod 12ft
Designed to take big pit reels and 50mm butt rings. Landing net, weigh sling and bankstick pockets on the spine.
Trakker NXG Compact Rod Sleeve 3 Rod 12ft
Internal Velcro rod retaining loops to keep your rods secure. Stiffened tip and butt sections.
Trakker NXG Compact Rod Sleeve 5 Rod 13ft
Compact space-saving holdalls for 5 13ft rods.
Trakker NXG Compact Rod Sleeve 6 Rod 12ft
Compact space-saving holdalls in 6 rods.
Trakker NXG Cookware Bag
Keep your cookware items organised and tidy with the NXG Cookware Bag.
Trakker NXG Essential Bag
The NXG Essentials Bag is the ideal solution for anglers wanting to keep their personal belongings such as phone, wallet and keys, safely to-hand...
Trakker NXG Front Barrow Bag
Purpose-designed Front Barrow Bag...
Trakker NXG Gadget Bag
Bag for small item storage.
Trakker NXG Insulated Gas Canister Cover
High-density foam filled walls improves gas efficiency...
Trakker NXG Lead & Leader Pouch
The NXG Lead and Leader Pouch is a purpose designed storage pouch for lead weights, leaders and accessories.
Trakker NXG Lead Pouch Single Compartment
Single zipped compartment...
Trakker NXG Lead Pouch Twin Compartment
Lead pouch with removable Velcro spacer...
Trakker NXG Modular Lead Pouch - Complete
The clear, zipped lids give the added advantage of seeing what’s inside at a glance without having to open every pouch...
Trakker NXG Padded Rod Sleeve 2 Rod 12ft
Transportation, organization, protection. NXG covers all this with its durable, extensive range of luggage solutions for all situations in a perfectly subtle shade of olive green.
Trakker NXG Padded Rod Sleeve 3 Rod 12ft
Compact, space-saving design. Internal dividers that separate and protect your rods
Trakker NXG Padded Rod Sleeve 5 Rod 12ft
Padded, adjustable and removable shoulder strap. Reinforced in Nyplax material.
Trakker NXG Padded Sleeve 3 Rod 10ft
Rod holdall that accommodates three fully made up 10ft rods.
Trakker NXG Padded Sleeve 3 Rod 13ft
Will accommodate big pit reels and 50mm butt rings. Neoprene handle.
Trakker NXG PVA Pouch
Pouch to store PVA or small terminal items.
Trakker NXG PVA Pouch XL
The NXG XL PVA Pouch follows on from the popularity of the standard-sized NXG PVA Pouch, and features an identical internal layout, but boasts an extra 30% capacity!
Trakker NXG Reel Protectors
Protects reels on quiver systems...
Trakker NXG Rod Sleeve 10ft
Single padded Rod Sleeve to accommodate a fully made up 10ft rod.
Trakker NXG Rod Sleeve 12ft
Single padded sleeve to protect a fully made up 12ft rod.
Trakker NXG Rod Sleeve 13ft
Single padded sleeve to protect 13ft rods.
Trakker NXG Roll Up Bed Bag
Roll up storage bag for compact and standard beds...
Trakker NXG Scale Pouch
Padded scale storage pouch...
Trakker NXG Sleeping Bag Carryall
Carryall to accommodate most sleeping bags...
Trakker NXG Spod and Marker Tube
Protect your spods and marker floats with the NXG Spod and Marker Float Tube.
Trakker NXG Stove Bag
Padded, protective Stove Bag.
Trakker NXG Tackle & Rig Pouch
Keep terminal tackle and rigs neatly in one place with the NXG Tackle and Rig Pouch from our award winning NXG luggage range.
Trakker NXG Tip Protectors
Pack of two...
Trakker NXG Wash Bag
Keeps washing and grooming items together.
Trakker NXG XL Cool Bag
Well-proportioned session Cool Bag.