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PVA Systems

Korda Boilie PVA Funnel Web & Refills
The Boilie Funnelweb is slightly narrower than the original Funnelweb, making it ideal for situations when you have to cast further. Two or three baits placed into a PVA bag can be very effective – just enough of a mouthful to create a take without overfeeding.
Korda Longchuck PVA System
Being only 15mm in diameter the Long Chuck Funnel Web feels almost like its not there when you are about to cast, this makes it perfect for fishing at all ranges and onto all kinds of lake bed. In silt it will stop the hook bait getting dragged as far into the silt and help to stop the silt masking the attraction of the hook bait.
Korda Original Funnel Web PVA System
Funnel Web's main function is to create a PVA bag of any size in the shortest time possible - it can be made in less than 30 seconds leaving any other system for dust. Funnel Web minimises wasted PVA making it the most cost-effective PVA bag system ever made. If you are not using it in your carp fishing, you're missing out!
Nash Fast Melt PVA Bags
Specifically developed for Nash, Fast Melt Bags do exactly what they say, breaking down quickly and reliably even in cold water but with superb properties to make them as user friendly as possible.
Nash Fast Melt PVA Tape
Tackle box friendly dispenser spools of top quality fast breakdown PVA tape with a choice of two widths for different applications.
Nash Webcast PVA
Available in three diameters to suit mini boilies to PVA sticks to pellet bags, Webcast PVA is supplied on a dispenser tube that fits inside a bait box for practicality and easy storage
Nash Webcast PVA Refills
Dedicated Webcast refill cards in snap seal bags. Never run out when the action comes fast and furious!
Nash Webcast Ultra Weave PVA
Ultra Weave mesh uses a tiny 0.2mm weave to allow even maggot bags to be tied in advance without them escaping.
Nash Webcast Ultra Weave PVA Refills
Space efficient great value Ultra Weave Refills for when the action keeps on coming