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Ready Tied Rigs

Guru Bait Band Ready Rigs
Bait bands are vital when fishing with pellets, which is standard tactics on commercial waters. As such, our ready rigs are now available with Guru Bait Bands attached to the hair.
Guru Bayonet Ready Rigs
These ready rigs feature our tiny Bait Bayonets tied to the hair.
Guru Feeder Rig 15"
The Feeder Hair Rig is a more traditional, longer hook link than the Method Hair Rig.
Guru Method Hair Rig 4"
The Method Hair Rig has been purpose-designed for use with the method feeder. Through their vast combined commercial-water experience, the Guru team believed that the perfect length for a method rig was four inches. This allows the bait to be presented among the free bait that has dropped off the feeder.
Guru QM1 Ready Tied Rigs
The all-conquering QM1 hooks are now available on ready-tied rigs, in 15 and 4-inch versions and with Speedstop, bayonet and bait band attachment options. The 15-inch versions are supplied on EVA spools, so they can be dropped straight into the Guru Rig Box and the 4-inch versions can be housed in the Rig Case
Guru Speedstop Ready Rigs
Our Method and Feeder hair rigs are now available with our super-efficient bait Speedstops fitted to the hair. When used with our Speedstop needle, a range of baits can be hair rigged quickly and easily, making time for you to get more bites.