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Sleeping Bags

Avid Benchmark Sleeping Bags
These stunning sleeping bags offer unrivalled levels of warmth and comfort.
Fox Evo-Tec ERS1 Sleeping Bag
ERS1 (ideal for compact bedchairs such as R1 Camo)
£79.99 £84.99
Fox Evo-Tec ERS2 Sleeping Bag
ERS2 (designed for standard sized bedchairs such as Flatliner and R2 Camo)
£89.99 £94.99
Fox Evo-Tec ERS3 Sleeping Bag
ERS3 (designed for larger beds such as Kingsize Flatliner and R3 Camo)
£99.99 £104.99
Fox Ven-Tec VRS1 Sleeping Bag
Waterproof Ven-Tec Rip Stop outer fabric Utilises 7 Core Hollow Fibre filling which is silicone treated to help maintain shape and expand fibres
£169.99 £179.99
Fox Ven-Tec VRS2 Sleeping Bag
The VRS (Ven-Tec Rip Stop) is a versatile 5 Season sleeping bag that can also be turned into a 3 Season option for the warmer months. It is based on our original multi-award winning Evo Ven-Tec All Season bag and features our brand-new Ven-Tec Rip Stop waterproof outer fabric..
£179.99 £189.99
Nash Frostbite + Sub 20 Sleeping Bags
The new Frostbite + Sub 20 sleeping bags feature a flexible three layer insulation system with Kevin's ingenious idea of internal heat retaining baffles for complete all season comfort whatever the conditions.
£169.99 £186.99
Nash Frostbite + Sub Zero
The Frostbite + Sub Zero sleeping bags offer outstanding performance thanks to superior hollow fibre filling and the unique Nash body baffles that accelerate warming and improve heat retention.
£119.99 £131.99
Trakker 365 Sleeping Bag
The 365 Sleeping Bag is truly the bag for all seasons, with its multi-layered design, water-resistant Aquatexx® outer, and Q7 hollow fibre filling ensuring peak performance through the most testing of conditions.
£189.99 £209.99
Trakker Aquatexx Deluxe Thermal Bed Cover
Thanks to it’s water-resistant Aquatexx® outer material and Q7 hollowfibre filling, this Deluxe Thermal Bed Cover offers high-performance in a variety of situations.
£79.99 £89.99
Trakker Big Snooze+ & Bed Cover Combo
Trakker's best selling sleeping bag and thermal cover.
£99.99 £129.99
Trakker Big Snooze+ Bed Cover Standard
Re-engineered version of Trakkers best selling thermal cover.
£44.99 £54.99
Trakker Big Snooze+ Bed Cover Wide
Wider version of Trakkers best selling thermal cover.
£54.99 £64.99
Trakker Big Snooze+ Sleeping Bag Compact
Smaller version of this ultra-light and warm sleeping bag.
£59.99 £69.99
Trakker Big Snooze+ Sleeping Bag Standard
Ultra-light and warm sleeping bag. Highly-breathable ripstop material.
£64.99 £74.99
Trakker Big Snooze+ Sleeping Bag Wide
A wider version of Trakker's best-selling bag.
£79.99 £89.99
Trakker Big Snooze+ Smooth Sleeping Bag
Lined with super soft smooth polyester material.
£64.99 £74.99
Trakker Duotexx Sleeping Bag
The Duotexx Sleeping Bag is designed to be used with standard-sized beds such as our Levelite and RLX Beds,
£159.99 £179.99
Trakker Inflatable Bed Underlay
Add even greater comfort and lumbar support to your bed with the Inflatable Bed Underlay.
£34.99 £39.99
Trakker Large Pillow
Ultra soft polyester on one side, Polar fleece on the other...
Trakker Levelite Oval Bed Cover
A tape-seamed, waterproof Aquatexx cover specifically designed for use with the Levelite Oval Bed System transforming the system from 3 to 5 season.
£89.99 £99.99
Trakker Mattress Topper
Stops cold air penetrating the base layer of the sleeping bag.
£49.99 £54.99
Trakker Oval 365 Sleeping Bag
The Oval 365 Sleeping bag is a true all-season bag designed specifically for the Levelite Oval Bed.
£199.99 £229.99
Trakker Oval 5-Season Sleeping Bags
Designed to used with the Oval bed system.
£159.99 £179.99
Trakker Oval Pillow
Designed to follow the contours of the Oval Bed System giving a neat, ‘best use of space’ option whilst provifing optimum comfort.
Trakker Small Pillow
Ultra soft polyester on one side, Polar fleece on the other. The smaller of two sizes.
Trakker Ultradozer Sleeping Bag
Utilising our highly regarded Aquatexx® material, the Ultradozer Sleeping Bag is certain to keep you warm and comfortable all-year-round.
£99.99 £119.99