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Terminal Tackle

Gardner Covert Anti Tangle Sleeves
Perfect for streamlining terminal tackle and reducing tangles.
Gardner Covert Clip Kit Session Packs
The Clip Kit includes all the essential components required to construct versatile, safe, Covert Lead Clip lead arrangements.
Gardner Covert Flexi-Ring Kwik Lok Swivels
These Kwik Lok Flexi-Ring Swivels have been designed as the perfect quick change Helicopter rig component.
Gardner Covert Hook Aligner
Covert Hook Aligners improve the effectiveness of many rigs by controlling and enhancing the way in which the hook twists and takes hold in the carp’s mouth.
Gardner Covert Hook Stops
These Hook Stops are designed to be positioned on the hook shank to control the movement of hookbaits when that are mounted on a sliding rig ring or swivel.
Gardner Covert Lead Clips
The Covert Lead Clip offers truly adjustable, consistent lead discharge that’s set by the position of the Covert Tail Rubber.
Gardner Covert Lead-Safe System
The Covert Lead-Safe System allows carp and specialist anglers to construct simple, super safe, tangle free bolt rigs.
Gardner Covert Link Lok Swivels
Ideal for use on both Helicopter rigs and Lead clip arrangements.
Gardner Covert Pop Up Hook Aligners  - C-Thru Green Small
The unique Covert Pop-Up Hook Aligners have been developed as an easy and convenient way of creating ultra effective ‘D’ style rigs, by adding a preformed ‘D’ onto one of our highly effective Hook Aligners.
Gardner Covert Q Rings
These small, quick change ‘split ring’ style components have a multitude of uses and are particularly popular for mounting on a normal swivel to create a quick change flexi-ring swivel arrangement, allowing you to change rigs in seconds and reducing tangles.
Gardner Covert Safety Beads Green
These Safety Beads feature a tapered central bore and has been designed specifically for use with safe helicopter and chod rig set ups.
Gardner Covert Silicone Sleeves - Mixed
These Silicone Sleeves are ideal for streamlining terminal and are recommended as a sleeve for Lead Swivels, Speed Links and Easi Clips to reduce tangles.
Gardner Covert Supa Shrink Tube
This high quality shrink tube is perfect for a wide range of rig applications such as Line-Aligner rigs and similar arrangements that extend the hook shank and help the hook to turn quicker and maximises the hooking efficiency of many rigs.
Gardner Covert Tail Rubbers
Covert Tail Rubbers are the recommended component to use in conjunction with Covert Lead Clips.
Gardner Covert Talon Tip Hooks
Talon Tip hooks have a long-standing pedigree and reputation that few other hook patterns can come near to matching.
Gardner Covert Tungsten Tubing
Incorporating anti tangle tubing into your lead arrangements helps to minimise tangles, and by using Covert Tungsten Tubing the weight of the Tungsten impregnated tube effectively pins the mainline/tubing down flush on the bottom next to your rig, helping to camouflage your set up from wary fish.
Gardner Covert XL Silicone Tubing
Incorporating anti tangle tubing into your lead arrangements helps to minimise tangles, and by using Covert Tungsten Tubing the weight of the Tungsten impregnated tube effectively pins the mainline/tubing down flush on the bottom next to your rig, helping to camouflage your set up from wary fish.
Gardner Fluoro Dissolving Foam
Supplied in a large re-sealable bag that can be reused time and time again.
Gardner Latex Bait Bands
Available in 3 sizes: 3.2mm, 4.8mm and 6.4mm.
Gardner Point Doctor Hook Sharpener
The Gardner Point Doctor2 is a simple-to-use hook sharpener that is perfect for keeping your hook points sticky sharp.
Gardner Power Gum 11lb
An established product Power Gum is a clear, elasticated gum that is used by anglers to form line friendly stop knots and back stops.
Gardner Rigwise Dissolving Foam
Rigwise White Dissolving Floating Foam is essential for protecting hook points when fishing in amongst weed, showing the position of a rig after casting, preventing hairs tangling during the cast, etc.
Gardner Rolling Swivels & Mini Rig Swivels
Rolling swivels are a crucial rig components for making secure connections between hooklink and main line that also helps to manage line twist when playing fish.
Gardner Target Fluorocarbon
Target Fluorocarbon is virtually invisible in the water, as it is a clear line and virtually has the same refractive index as water.
Gardner Target Line Stops (Sinking)
These line stops are supplied in three sizes and they are particularly popular in the construction of naked chod rigs and scaled down helicopter rigs.
Gardner Target Mini Anti Tangle Sleeves
These Anti Tangle Sleeves are only 16mm long, which means that they are small enough not to interfere with the mechanics of helicopter rigs (longer sleeves can actually cause tangles as they stop the hook link spinning). They work superbly with either size 12 or size 20 Target Swivels or Kwik Lock Swivels.
Gardner Target Mini Lead Clips
These scaled down Target Lead Clips are designed for use with size 12 Target Swivels or Size 12 Kwik Lok Swivels.
Gardner Target Mini Tail Rubbers
These Target Tail Rubbers have been specifically designed to offer optimum performance and control in conjunction with Target Lead Clip.
Gardner Target Rig Swivels
All the swivels in the Target range features Gardner Tackle’s anti-glare finish to help hide them from fish and make them less visible in clear water conditions.
Guru X-Safe Inline Leads
Roll-proof inline leads that can be fished with a standard rubber insert, or with the clever Guru X-Safe elasticated system.
Korda 4mm Rubber Bead
These were designed for use with the Safe Zone flying back leads. The hole inside the bead is tapered so if it is fished with the larger hole facing towards the rod then it will pass more easily over a leader knot.
Korda Anti Tangle Sleeve
These little gems were designed to prevent tangles on the cast, and help to kick your hook bait away from the lead once the rig lands on the lake bed, giving excellent presentation
Korda Bait Floss
Our first bait floss is the perfect addition to our chod kit. It’s absolutely perfect for tying on pop-ups of all descriptions, especially cork ballers.
Korda Big Eye Swivel
These swivels have one very large round eye and one normal size one and, as with all our swivels, they come from the best Japanese manufacturers and have our trademark 'anti glint' dull-grey finish. They have three major uses...
Korda Chod Leadcore Safety System
The Leadcore Chod Safety System is, without doubt, the biggest advance in rotary-rig safety EVER. The specially designed Chod Sleeves, Barrel Beads and No-Trace beads combine to offer a solution to the problems that consistent hook link ejection has dogged leadcore users for years.
Korda Chod Swivel
These size-eleven ring swivels have been subtly re-engineered to allow for putty to be securely moulded around the barrel.
Korda D-Rig Kickers
Shaped rubber sleeves that slide over the hook to create a 'D'.
Korda Dark Matter Anti Tangle Sleeve
Tungsten Anti-Tangle Sleeves are finely tapering sleeves that help to push your rig away from the lead when it lands on the lake bed, ensuring your hooklink lies straight and flat on the bottom for perfect presentation
Korda Dark Matter Leaders
Fused plastic leaders that have been tinted to precisely match the lake bed.
Korda Dark Matter Putty
Dark Matter is super malleable, allowing easy moulding round swivels, Sinkers, tubing or main line.
Korda Dark Matter Tubing
Dark Matter anti-tangle tubing is quite simply the new benchmark for rig tubing. It's the heaviest on the market, and is ridiculously easy to thread.
Korda Heli Safe System
Korda have been working on a solution to a problem that anglers been faced with for some time, how to safely and consistently discharge the lead when fishing with a helicopter setup.
Korda Heli Sleeves
The Korda Safe Zone Helicopter Sleeve has been specifically designed to cover a Korda Kwik Link when it is attached to a Safe Zone Kamo Leader, when using a helicopter or chod style setup. It stops tangles and grips the Kwik Link thanks to its special rubber compound.
Korda Hybrid Lead Clip
Since its release, the Hybrid Lead Clip has established itself as the best clip on the market. It has one very simple purpose, and that's to help you ditch the lead if the fish you hook becomes snagged.
Korda Kable Leadcore
Our Gravel Kable has been designed for use over the harder, clay, sand and gravel spots that are found on many of our venues. Rather than simply producing a 'me-too' product, the product development team decided to try a unique, banded camo pattern.
Korda Kable Leadcore XT
This is the leadcore to reach for in extreme territory. Not only does it have a much-increased breaking strain (70lb), but it also has a much heavier lead core.
Korda Kickers
We've designed Kickers to help you make rigs that flip, turn and catch hold much more easily.
Korda Kwik Links
These clever bits of metalware allow you to change hook links or leads in the blink of an eye.
Korda Lead Clip Action Pack
A pack that has all the components to help you construct safe lead clip systems.
Korda Line Saver Bead
These clever tungsten-rubber beads take the naked-chod setup to the next level of sophistication. They take the place of the lower bead on the naked setup, against which the chod swivel sits on the cast or during a fight.
Korda Link Loop
Quick and easy rig changes are a necessary part of carp angling today. The Link Loop has been specially designed to replace the need for an overhand loop in the end of your hook link. The obvious advantage is the increased strength due to the use of a grinner or blood knot used to tie the link loop to the rig, especially when using monofilament or coated hook link materials.
Korda Maggot Klips
The maggot klip makes baiting your rig with maggots easier than ever. Simply open the klip, thread your maggots onto it and close it up again! The Klips are available in a range of different sizes to suit your needs. You can therefore thread on as many maggots as you wish.
Korda Marker Elastic
Our marker elastic will help you to easily mark your lines, ensuring that you can fish accurately, even at night. Once you’ve found your spot and clipped up, simply tie the elastic to your line next to the tip, a specific rod ring or the spigot using the knot shown here.
Korda Marker Float Pack
Marker floats are a massive part of our armoury and finding particular spots can often be the difference between a red-letter day and a blank. Although there were some good marker floats already available on the market we still felt that improvements could be made.
Korda Micro Rig Swivel
From bait attachment, to combi-rig construction, the Micro Rig Swivel has a host of rig applications. It's perhaps most widely used sliding on the shank of a hook, forming the blow-back element of many rigs
Korda Naked Chod Safety System
The Naked Chod Safety System is, without doubt, the biggest advance in rotary-rig safety EVER. The specially designed Chod Sleeves, Barrel Beads and No-Trace beads combine to offer a solution to the problems that consistent hook link ejection has dogged helicopter rig users for years.
Korda No-Trace Beads
Spare No-Trace beads for the Chod Safety Systems.
Korda Quick Change Ring Swivels
This little family of products will find favour with a host of anglers. They allow the hook link to be changed in an instant, which is a huge help when time is of the essence!
Korda Quick Release Lead Clips
These new lead clips have been designed to smoothly eject the lead in snaggy or weedy conditions.
Korda Rig Rings
The silky smooth PTFE coating enhances the effectiveness of rigs incorporating a ring, especially when coupled with Korda PTFE-coated hooks. Korda rig rings have been specially designed to help the angler create a variety of different rigs for the ever-changing demands required to catch carp today.
Korda Rig Tube
Not only does rig tubing stop the hook link from wrapping around the main line on the cast preventing a tangle, it also stops the fish coming in contact with the line during the fight. This is a vital safety aspect of the rig which we feel should not be ignored.
Korda Ring Swivels
These swivels have now become ubiquitous in carp fishing. There can't be a tackle box in the UK that doesn't hold a few! They have a multitude of uses, notably when pulled into our standard lead clip. The steel ring helps to eliminate tangles when casting and provides the rig with a hinge for extra movement.
Korda Running Rig Kit
Korda Hybrid Running Rigs are a crossbreed of the best parts of modern running rigs. The large eye of the special swivel creates very little friction, greatly enhancing bite indication. The small lead link and silicone sleeve combine to form a very neat, tangle-proof system. 
Korda Safezone Leaders
How do we know the new Safezone leaders really do blend in? Because we actually took samples of the different types of lake bed and sent them to the manufacturers so they could colour match to some actual silk weed, gravel, silt and clay. To you and I the colours may not look right but simply drop them in on the type of lake bed we say they are suited to and watch them disappear. After significant public demand, we have even added a clear colour to compliment the range.
Korda Shockleader Sleeves
Like all our products, the Shockleader Sleeve puts fish safety as top priority. We designed this sleeve to replace the hard plastic lead insert and make your inline rig as anti-tangle and fish friendly as possible when using shockleaders.
Korda Shok Bead
Korda's Shok Bead has been designed for a multitude of uses.
Korda Shrink Tube
Korda Shrink Tube is perfect for improving the hooking efficiency of any hook by creating kickers. It shrinks down to 1/3 of its original size to form a really neat presentation.
Korda Sinkers
A compact tungsten-rubber weight, designed to slide onto your hook link and pin it to the lake bed. Moistening the hooklength will allow the Sinkers to slide along the hook link much easier. The great thing about a Sinker is that it stays in position, rather than flying off on the cast like putty can.
Korda Size 8 Swivel
The humble swivel completes the whole rig set up and since it is almost the last connection between you and the carp it needs to be reliable. These swivels we come from Japan - arguably the best swivel manufacturers in the world.
Korda Tapered Silicone Sleeves
These silicone sleeves feature a sharp taper at one end, which helps to smooth the setup and prevent tangles. They are available in muted weedy green and muddy brown colours to help blend with the lake bed seamlessly.
Nash Cling on Tungsten Tubing
Extra dense tungsten impregnated anti-tangle tube with 0.75mm internal diameter for easy threading even with heavy mono, braid or snag and shock leaders.
Nash Lead Clip Tail Rubbers
Dedicated ribbed tail rubbers for optimum performance of Lead Clips.
Nash Lead Clips
From the original innovators of the Lead Clip, the safest system yet. Guaranteed locking for rig safety, variable lead discharge and Diffusion Camouflage finish.
Nash No Spook Rig Tube
The carp world’s favourite fast sinking, camouflaged rig tube. Use for anti-tangle tubing, hook sleeving, ring stops and blowout rigs.
Nash Weed Lead Clip
From the original innovators of the lead clip concept, the most advanced end tackle components yet for optimum carp safety in all environments.
Thinking Anglers Chod Ring Swivels
A swivel with one ring on either end, this gives the swivel more movement from all angles. Great when used on stiff links or chod rigs.
Thinking Anglers Heavy Rings
A small solid ring designed for attaching a rotten bottom to release your lead when fishing into heavy weed...
Thinking Anglers Hookbeads
A small rubber bead with an undersized diameter bore which can be used in conjunction with the Hook Ring Swivels for placing on your hook shanks or for positioning your hair rig.
Thinking Anglers Oval Clip
As the name suggests this is a small oval shaped clip, which can be used for a number of things like attaching hooklengths or spliced to the bottom of your leadcore for attaching a different sized lead quickly.
Thinking Anglers Rig Putty
Two colour variations of heavy putty for pop-ups.