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Terminal Tackle

Guru Bait Bands
Supplied in packs of approximately 100, these bait bands provide the perfect solution to hair rigging very hard baits like pellets.
Guru Bait Bayonets
Our Bait Bayonets make changing tough boilie or artificial hook baits quicker than ever.
Guru Inline Plummets
Available in three sizes – 10, 20 and 30g – the Inline Plummets are designed so the line goes straight through the middle of the plummet’s axis, allowing anglers to find the depth with millimetre accuracy.
Guru Inline Tail Rubbers
The In-Line Tail Rubbers are shaped to fit the Guru In-Line Pellet and Method feeders.
Guru Micro Hair Stops
They’re supplied in mixed colours so that you can find one to match the bait that you’re using to help fool wary, pressured fish!  
Guru Micro Lead Clip & Tail Rubbers
The Micro Lead Clip is a mini version of the lead clips that specimen carp anglers have used for years. These clips have been sculpted so that the lines are smooth and resist tangles in flight
Guru Pear Leads
The Pear Leads have a slightly sleeker profile than the Square Leads. They still retaining the ability to hold on marginal or island slopes yet they’re much better suited to use on rivers
Guru Pellet Cones
Push one of these cones into a bait box full of softened pellets and you can make a nice cluster of bait that can be threaded onto the hook link and cast ou
Guru Silicone Tubing 0.3mm
This super-fine bore silicone is just the job for tweaking your hair rig presentation.
Guru Size 11 Rig System Swivels
They’re super-free spinning, which will help avoid unnecessary line twist on the retrieve.
Guru Size 11 Swivel & Snap Link
These quick-change swivels fit the Guru Micro Lead Clips perfectly, allowing you to change hook links quickly and easily throughout your session. They can also be used as a quick-change lead link, allowing you to switch leads and feeders without having to retackle.
Guru Speed Bead
This ingenious little bead has been designed solely to help you put more fish in your net, quicker.
They comprise a rubber outer bead, against which your feeder or bomb can come to rest, with an internal, quick-change swivel that allows you to change your hook links in the blink of an eye.
Guru Speedmesh PVA System
This super-fast melting PVA system is ready to use straight from the packet. The PVA has been chosen because it melts faster than anything else on the market, delivering a cluster of bait tight around your hook bait almost as soon as it hits the deck.
Guru Speedstop Needle & Speedstops
The Speedstop system allows ultra-quick mounting of drilled pellets, soft pellets, corn luncheon meat, boilies and worms onto the hair rig.
Guru Square Leads
These Square leads have been tailored to fishing on sloping lakebeds, such as those found around islands and margins.
Guru Super Tight Line Stops
These durable rubber stops have a multitude of uses for float and feeder fishing. They’re so tight that, once slid off the convenient sprew, they won’t slip, even on fine-diameter line...
Guru X-Safe Speed Stems
Using this system, the Guru team have won countless matches this year with the Speed Stems allowing anglers to have multiple feeders or leads set up and ready to recast within seconds of a fish or bringing a rig in, saving valuable minutes over the course of a match or pleasure session when speed is the key.