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Gardner 'The Eye' Magnifying Glass
The Eye is absolutely essential for scrutinising the fine detail of your hook points, either straight out the packet or after being sharpened.
Gardner Braided Hair Needle
The original ‘braid friendly’ crochet type needle.
Gardner Deluxe Weed Rake
Supplied with a large split ring and swivel for attachment to main line.
Gardner Fluoro Dissolving Foam
Supplied in a large re-sealable bag that can be reused time and time again.
Gardner Gate Latch Needle
Superb for use with all general carp baits but also great for threading short PVA mesh bags and sticks onto hooklinks.
Gardner Gate Latch Needle XL
Robust latch mechanism to prevent snagging PVA mesh on withdrawal.
Gardner Hard Bait Stringer Needle
Penetrate the baits other stringer needles cannot cope with!
Gardner Mini Hair Needle
The Mini Hair needle has a finer diameter barb and shaft making it suitable for use with smaller, more delicate baits.
Gardner Nut Drill
This is the perfect tool for drilling holes in hard, brittle baits such as nuts, dry mixers and large pellets.
Gardner Original Weed Rake
Gardner‘s “Original Weed Rake” has been designed to be easily cast to clear small spots of weed and create clear channels to improve line lay to new and existing clear spot..
Gardner Rig Glue Pen
New style high volume rig glue pen – perfect for a wide range of rig applications and tackle repairs.
Gardner Rigwise Dissolving Foam
Rigwise White Dissolving Floating Foam is essential for protecting hook points when fishing in amongst weed, showing the position of a rig after casting, preventing hairs tangling during the cast, etc.
Gardner Ultra Blades
They cut through any coated hooklink, copolymer line, Fluorocarbon or Dyneema braid cleanly and easily.
Korda Bait Drill & Corks
These precision-engineered drills are perfect for creating popular balanced presentations like the KD rig and Muzza rig. There are two drills in the range, 8mm and 6mm, which will cater for a range of hook baits, including standard baits, smaller boilies and tiger nuts.
Korda Baiting Needles
Baiting tools are an important part of any carp angler's kit, some people are happy to use one needle for everything.  However, seeing as we are self-confessed perfectionists, we like to use exactly the right tools for the job. For that reason we have designed these little babies.
Korda Chod-It Tool
This beautifully sculpted piece of anodized aluminium is just the thing to help you create the finest chod rigs and stiff rigs imaginable! It features a tapering point to allow you to tease the D-rig into the perfect shape as well as a mushroom cap for tensioning swivel knots, and a recess for forming perfect loops
Korda Distance Sticks
Korda have teamed up with JAG Products to precision make these distance sticks to the highest standard.
Korda Extenda / Bait Stops
By using the different length Extenda Stops, it is easy to lengthen the hair or alternatively change the size of the hook bait from anywhere between 16mm and 24mm, without having to tie a new rig.
Korda Finger Stall
Our neoprene finger stalls are streamlined, snug and offer unrivalled protection when going for the big cast, especially with braid. They are available in small, large and xl versions. 
Korda Krimp Tool & Krimps
There are two sizes of Krimp available, which have been designed to suit different materials. The smaller one will suit stiff bristle materials like Mouth Trap and stiff coated braids, like our Hybrid Stiff, and the larger one is perfect for really thick materials (like 30lb plus mono).
Korda Krusha
The principle behind the Krusha was simple. We wanted to devise something that could crush up literally any bait out there within seconds; whether that be tiger nuts, pellets or air-dried boilies. So, the Krusha was born. Created as an ultra-strong and robust device the Krusha uses its sharp teeth to work together in motion to demolish anything that you put before it.
Korda Kutter
It’s the brother to the Krusha and allows you to smash out loads of perfectly chopped boilies in double-quick time. There are three Kutters in the range that suit 16mm, 20mm and 25mm baits.
Korda Pulla
This handy little tool makes tying rigs much easier, as holding the swivel and tightening up can be a fiddly job.
Ridge Monkey Advanced Boilie Crusher Full System
RidgeMonkey Advanced Boilie Crusher makes light work of making boilie crumb for spod mix, groundbait and marginal work and will chomp through a kilo of boilies in less than a minute.
Ridge Monkey Advanced Boilie Crusher Head Only
RidgeMonkey Advanced Boilie Crusher makes light work of making boilie crumb for spod mix, groundbait and marginal work and will chomp through a kilo of boilies in less than a minute.
Ridge Monkey Advanced Boilie Crusher Hopper Extension
Compatible with the RidgeMonkey advanced boilie crusher. Increases capacity to 5kg.