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Guru Conti Disgorger
Slamo style design. Suitable for hook sizes 10-22.
Guru QM1 Disgorger
Suitable for hook sizes 10-18. Designed for the safe removal of the QM1 or smaller hook patterns.
Guru Rig Scissors
These super-sharp, hardwearing blades will make short work of any rig materials.
Guru Speedmesh Needle
The Speedmesh needle is a gate and latch type, which is perfect for loading sticks and bags onto your hook link without snagging the weave of the PVA.
Guru Speedstop Needle & Speedstops
The Speedstop system allows ultra-quick mounting of drilled pellets, soft pellets, corn luncheon meat, boilies and worms onto the hair rig.
Guru Super Fine Bait Drill
The super-fine 1mm needle will easily penetrate the hardest of pellets, without splitting them ...
Guru Super Fine Baiting Needle
Our Super-Fine Baiting needles have been designed to cause the absolute minimum damage to delicate hook baits when hair rigging...
Preston Bait Sprayer
With an adjustable brass nozzle to regulate the flow of water, the Bait Atomiser is ideal for mixing groundbait and leam to the perfect consistency.
Preston Hollo Elastic Protectors
For avoiding damage to elastic when folded away. Colour-coded to match our Hollo Elastic. 6 per pack.
Preston Super Pellet Pump
Designed by match fishing legend Andy  Findlay, the Super Pellet Pump offers a quick and easy solution to preparing expander pellets; the ultra-compact design allows you to prepare perfect soft hookbaits in under 30 seconds!